© 2015 Valerie Thakkar
This is a collection of rough works from a universe that I'm developing. 
Feel free to take a look, a lot of this stuff is going to be changed and added and subtracted over the course of the year.
All the notes and captions are intended for me.
We'll see how it unfolds!
Summer 2014: some really rough .gifs of assets that I painted and animated.
My first time using After Effects! I learned a lot about basics of animation.
- Left shoulder looks disconnected with body
Walk cycle
- fix head bob, less jerky
- increase follow through of arms
- figure out how to make foot less slidey and more planted.
Make timing more jerky and less robotic
Winter 2014: 
Character design will be updated, and idea will be put back into its native forest environment.
Character animation will be re-done, keeping in mind to emphasize exaggeration and personality of newer character.
Experiment with style: tra-digital or digital?
Work on gramps.
Festive, inviting, warm.
Creepy, ominous.
- use even more elements from the environment to exaggerate sense of scale in comparison to recognizable things.
Character turnaround for P. Add 3/4 frontal and posterior angles, create different color options. Experiment with different visual solutions in style and texture to emphasize mood and feel of the work.
- pretty good silhouette! experiment more for different members of community. how does this population exhibit qualities of youth and age?
(Woodsy and magical feel, overall with a sense of community and warmth, festivity and foreboding? Lifestyle is very much based on the environment and resourcefulness.)
Messing around with colors!
WIP story involving P. and new student in school side of her life.
- really great exaggeration! connect mantis character in 1st panel with 2nd panel-skirt?
- recreate graphic representations of music, keeping in mind the idea of conflict. (pixellation > transitions).
- lighten characters when appropriate for recognizability.
- think about overall value composition. really stuck in midtones. 
- how to build up values that's not the soft brush :P
- tighten up style when necessary, make decisions about where to be more graphic and where to be more render-y.
Possible avenues:
Concept Illustration : Mood
Character, Prop and Environment Design
Book Illustration: Story/Spots and Covers.
Interactive Illustration (ebook or game)
2D Game: Digital or Print
2D Animation: Assets and animation
3D Model: Maya, ZBrush or Mudbox
Maquette Sculpture
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